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Our specialists' professional experience totals over 300 years. This guarantees that no matter what unique problem we face from any area of industry, we will put together the right team for the challenge and efficiently solve the issue. Our company's partners include subcontractors in the design and production field, and our well-established business relations with them allow for the personal, timely and precise fulfillment of any task.

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Lean – Kaizen

mérnöki szolgáltatás - lean - kaizen

Our experts are dedicated to share and apply the Lean-Kaizen philosophy. We are convinced that a successful business cannot be built without a firm and stable foundation. Our company offers Lean trainings and workshops.

Engineering services, process development

mérnöki szolgáltatás - lean - kaizen

With nearly 15 years of experience, we offer process development management to enterprises in all areas of industry and service. Whether it be production or administrative processes, we guarantee a positive developmental trend.

Design and production of specially made equipment or tools

mérnöki szolgáltatás - lean - kaizen

We confidently take on the design, production, and installation of specially made equipment, tools or production devices up to preparing the engineering documentation. We will also complete the devices' qualification process and have them adjusted to the quality assurance system, if necessary.

Production of specially made parts

mérnöki szolgáltatás - lean - kaizen

Our company will take on the quick and precise production of specially made or serial parts based on already existing plans or ones that we create. We will also provide surface treatment, if necessary. We will provide a measurement report for the produced parts, if needed.

3D printing, prototype production

mérnöki szolgáltatás - lean - kaizen

We offer our professional 3D printing technology services to companies and for individual use as well. We will help you starting with the modeling of the item to be printed, with selecting the appropriate material, all the way to the actual printing.

Contract manufacturing

mérnöki szolgáltatás - lean - kaizen

Due to the countless issues caused by labor shortage, many companies struggle with expansion and even sometimes with fulfilling client orders. We offer our services to our partner companies in this area as well, in a multinational environment.

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